8′ Portable Roll-Out Straight Hardwood Pathway


Roll out our Straight Hardwood Pathway and stay high and dry while crossing damp or muddy ground. Naturally weather-resistant hardwood planks are joined with wire and rubber spacers to create these portable, easy-to-use walkways.

Use one or more to create an attractive footpath anywhere. Flexible walkway conforms to the ground and blends in beautifully with your landscape.

With unlimited ways to use this essential pathway, it is the picture of convenience. Try it in your veggie garden for a clean path that will also help keep weeds down; or use it on a low-lying landscape area that’s always damp; roll it out by your water spigot and you’ll reduce excess splatter; you can even use it indoors in your basement or garage to elevate storage boxes or totes off the floor. Great for beach house, lake house, mountain cabin and more!

Easy to clean and store: just rinse with a hose, dry thoroughly, roll it up and pack it away.