Permanent Mulch Recycled Rubber Border


Our Permanent Mulch Recycled Rubber Border is a mulch look-alike that takes the work out of landscaping. Perma Mulch deters weed growth, but allows air, nutrients and water to pass through.

This textured fake mulch border blends beautifully with your landscape. You’ll love the manicured look it gives your yard. Plus, Permanent Mulch lasts for years, so there’s no need to buy, haul, shovel and rake bulk mulch every spring.

Recycled tires are shredded and formed into lightweight, long-lasting designs for veggie and flower gardens, landscaping around your home’s foundation, specimen shrubs and trees, garden paths and more.

It’s so easy to use! Just lay it down and roll it out. You can cut it to fit around growing trees, shaped beds and narrow pathways. Unlike bulk mulch, Perma Mulch Border is scatter-proof and stays put. It won’t blow away during fall leaf cleanup, pets (and other creatures) can’t kick it up, and it always looks neat and tidy.

Permanent Mulch is a practical solution to many yard and garden problems. Not only does it stop weeds and reduce yard work, it looks great and is easy to use. Try our long-lasting, no-maintenance Permanent Mulch today!